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No fuel cell no sale. It is better to run natural gas through a fuel cell or reform the NG and use the hydrogen than it is to go 40 miles on a battery followed by 260 on a gasoline powered engine.

Range anxiety is a very real problem for battery electrics which can't even handle mild winter weather well. Fuel Cell cars on the other hand have fantastic cold start capability and unlike the Volt they do not inspire range anxiety. Lyle has reported problems test driving the Mini E pure electric car:

"However, he recently only got 55 miles of driving range when the temperature was 23 degrees Fahrenheit despite charging the battery for two hours during the middle of the commute!"

"On the other hand, the Toyota FCHV-adv hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can operate in temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit."

No independence from Oil based transportation equals no future for our children. Wake up people, there is only a 50-100 year supply of Oil left. It is past time to demand that GM get aggressive by offering oil free cars, trucks, and SUVs. No oil means we lose a lot of our plastics, there will be no more jet fuel as we know it, gasoline will have to be synthesized from coal perhaps, diesel will be the same story. The sooner we start the transition to a hydrogen based transportation system, the better. There are hydrogen trains, Tyrano hydrogen powered semi trucks, there is the GM Sequel hydrogen concept, and there are even hydrogen powered airplanes. The Volt uses oil for lubrication and gasoline for extending the range to something reasonable, which is unacceptable.

One must remember, the Volt will cost around $40k new. This is a price that most Americans can't afford to pay even for an eco friendly car. Fuel cell cars are going to be cheaper than that and they are far more eco friendly because they don't use any fossil fuel. Fuel cell cars don't even need Oil for lubrication purposes. As far as Lutz saying that the Volt will come in an electric only mode, 8 kwh isn't much to work with where adding more batteries will mean a more expensive and far more dangerous vehicle.

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