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Obama is still president sadly and still opposed to federal funding for hydrogen based transportation and increasing hydrogen refueling infrastructure, but he won't be president much longer and Toyota at least has great news.

The Toyota Mirai will be Toyota's first commercial fuel cell sedan. Unfortunately, it will be hand built driving up the price most likely to around $50k. In general though, the goal of commercialization by 2015 of fuel cell vehicles appears to be happening. Check out the Mirai.

Oil has not hit $5+/gallon, it is at historic lows right now with OPEC freaking about the amount of U.S. oil that could come onto the market. So gasoline and diesel are below $3/gallon. Currently at the Scappoose Fred Meyer, gasoline is down to $2.76/gallon. Fred Meyers offers rebates to people who shop in the store, so one can easily get 10, 20, or even 50 cents off per gallon. OPEC can't dump oil on the market forever though.

With a war in Iraq and Syria that has no sign of letting up, oil should be expensive. Fortunately despite: an Ebola outbreak in Africa, foreign wars, and controversial health care reforms, Republicans have take control of both the house and the senate. If this translates to investment in hydrogen and hydrogen refueling, great. If however the focus is more on extracting oil from the tar sands in Canada and transporting it via the Keystone Pipeline project, that is bad. There is no better time than the present to be getting away from total oil dependency. For the sake of the natural environment, especially in China, the long era of ever increasing fossil fuel burning must come to a close. Far less should be burned going forward.

Fuel prices should rise in the near future, OPEC can't undercut what U.S. producers can recover and sell a barrel of oil for forever. More important thing to watch for in 2015 is commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. The Toyota Mirai for example. Will the Chevy Volt hydrogen fuel cell vehicle debut? Will plasma kinetics laser metal hydride technology find it's way onto hydrogen fuel cell vehicles obviating the need to build expensive infrastructure? Most conventional vehicles today sell for around $20k. At $50k, a fuel cell sedan is way too expensive. Maybe assembly line production will kick in and the $50k price target will be cut in half quickly.

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